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Here at www.LandRegistryDocuments.com, you will find a comprehensive ordering service where you can obtain Land Registry documents that aren’t available electronically to the general public through their Land Registry Portal service. As we can access this portal, we are able to provide a number of Land Registry documents that are held for properties in England and Wales, providing the title for this has been registered.

Whether you are a DIY conveyancer, or you’re a lawyer carrying out conveyancing, we have the tools that can help to make your conveyancing transaction far quicker and more effective. All of our services are offered at a competitive price, and we continually update and add to the services we provide, so keep checking back to see what else we offer.

How to Order Electronic Official Land Registry Documents

There are three easy steps involved in order with ourselves:

  1. Using our order page, choose which document it is that you want to order. Each page details important information about the contents of each document so you can be clear what it is you are ordering.
  2. Enter the property details that relate to the document you are wanting.
  3. Using PayPal, you can securely pay for the document. PayPal is a leading payment provider and you don’t need to have an account with them to pay for our services. Once this payment has been processed, we’ll process your order and send you the electronic version of your requested document.

The Land Registry Documents We Provide

Through the portal, we can access the following documents for you:

In addition we also provide a range of Land Registry Document Packs which help on specific issues for eg. such as identifying boundaries or rights of ways

If you know what you want to find out but not sure what you need, try our Land Registry Documents Order Wizard, this can help you indentify what you need and order quickly and securely.

These are normally provided in an electronic format, which makes it very easy for you to pass on, use and removes the delay that can occur when posting documents. A typical application made direct to the Land Registry by a member of the public can sometimes take over a week to complete, making it very difficult to get things sorted in a quick time frame when it comes to property queries or purchases. With us, you can receive the documents you need in a matter of hours.

Free Conveyancing

Part of our elite service is to also offer free conveyancing advice on our website to help assist you with any potential queries or issues you may be experiencing with your property. This can be anything from boundary disputes to what the term ‘Leasehold’ means. All of our advice can be accessed at no cost, regardless of whether you choose to purchase your documents from us.

Hours of Business

You can take advantage of our services at any time, day or night, as these documents can be ordered through our website 24/7. All of the orders are monitored 7 days a week and are prioritised urgently as soon as they are received. However, because the Land Registry themselves aren’t open 24 hours a day, we do have to access the portal between 6.30am and 10.00pm. Therefore, any orders that are received when the Land Registry is closed will be processed once they reopen the following day.

Local Authority, Drainage, Environmental and Pre-exchange Searches

We have an extensive range of pre-exchange conveyancing searches our customers can now have carried out and instruct directly . These are essential when purchasing a property or land. You can order a package of conveyancing searches, or specific ones for eg. ordering an environmental search to address specific concerns you may have.

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