Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we are on-hand to help with any questions you may have with regards to our services and the documents you require, we have put together a number of frequently asked questions, which will hopefully help to resolve any queries you may have.

Q. Is part of the Land Registry?

A. We have an account with the Land Registry that allows us to access their portal to obtain relevant documentation, but we are an independent business and do not have any associations with the Land Registry.

Q. Is it possible for me to order the documents I need from the Land Registry?

A. Using the appropriate application forms, you can order copies of the documents by post without the need for a portal account, but this can often take longer. The only documents you are able to access without a portal account is the title plan and a register view. This is because the Land Registry’s portal is for business users only and involves a number of checks and procedures in order to set up an account.

Q. What’s the difference between a register view and an official copy?

A. When you have an official copy, this is sufficient as evidence in Court as to the register of title. And, should there be any mistakes on this official copy, the Land Registry can often be liable for any losses you may incur because of these errors. For a register view, they aren’t liable for these losses and because of this; it is not normally accepted by a buyer during property purchases.

Q. What documents are you able to supply me with?

A. We can supply almost all of the documents that the Land Registry holds copies of; including leases, the title plan, copies of the register, deeds of covenant, deeds of easement, transfers, conveyances and more.

Q. What documents aren’t you able to supply?

A. We are only able to provide you with documents if the Land Registry has copies of these. Sometimes copies may not have been retained and there are also small quantities of documents that aren’t available to the public as they are marked as private. These are rarely found in residential properties and normally relate to something that is commercially sensitive. In these cases, copies of documents cannot be sought unless the party who has requested that they remain private gives you their consent.

Q. The property I am thinking of buying is not registered; are you able to provide documents for me?

A. Unfortunately not. If the property is unregistered then there won’t be any documentation available at the Land Registry that relates to this property. Instead, the document should be held by the owner or the mortgage lender if there is a mortgage on the property. As these are not on a public record, you will need the owner’s permission to see these.

Q. How long does it take for me to get my documents?

A. All orders are monitored 7 days a week, so your order will be dealt with as soon as it is received. We are only able to access the portal during the Land Registry’s opening hours (Monday to Sunday: 6.30am to 11.00pm). If the copy is electronic, we will aim to get this to you within 48 hours and should it be posted to us, you’ll receive this within 48 hours of us getting it as it will be sent by Royal Mail First Class.

Q. Are there any discounts available for bulk purchases?

A. Should you require 10 or more documents within one calendar month, please contact us to discuss what potential discounts we can offer you.

Q. Why can’t I just pay when I receive the documents?

A. In order for us to obtain the document on your behalf, we have to pay the Land Registry upfront, which is why we need to have the money from yourself before we carry out the ordering process with them.

Q. Do I need to have an account with PayPal to order with you?

A. No. PayPal is our payment provider and will simply process the payment using your debit or credit card.

Q. Is my payment safe with PayPal?

A. PayPal is one of the leading methods of payment around the world and they are a very trusted provider. All of your payment details are secure and are not passed onto ourselves as PayPal will process all of your data. Any security issues should be raised with them.



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