Conveyances, Transfers and Other Documents

Once a property is registered at the Land Registry the Register of Title should contain details of any interests (other than overriding interests) to which the title is subject. These may be extracted in the register itself or, in the case of rights and covenants in particular, the y may be contained in a separate document which is referred to in the register.

A typical entry which refers to a document held by the Land Registry would be “(01.06.2012) A Conveyance of the land in this title dated 13 October 1938 made between John Black (1) and James White (2) contains restrictive covenants.

NOTE : Copy filed”

It should be noted that where a document is referred to in the register, the only relevant parts of the document are those containing details of the interests referred to in the register, so if the register says a document contains covenants, only the covenants in that document are relevant to the title, however any plans or description of the extent of the land may be used in the event of a boundary dispute.

Where there is a document which contains third party interests but this is not referred to in the register (and the details are not extracted in the register) a purchaser of the land is entitled to take the property free of those interests.

The Land Registry will sometimes hold copies of documents which are not referred to in the register of title

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