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Following two viewings of a semi-detached, three-bedroom property in Hathersage, Derbyshire, Malcolm Newgent agreed to buy the property from the elderly owner. And, with no chain, there was nothing to hold up the sale; until he discovered restrictive covenants had been put in place by the previous owners. Speaking to The Telegraph, Newgent commented: ‘I instructed a surveyor to carry out a structural survey, which cost me about £350. As soon as I received his report, which was satisfactory, I told my solicitor to proceed. I went to see the property twice more to discuss fixtures and fittings, but at no time was there any hint about what was about to transpire.’ (more…)

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As of 18th January, when a party of two or more people are executing a deed, the same witness can be used to verify each individual signature but only if each of these signatures are independently attested. Any deeds that have been or are to be completed post 18th January are to be correctly attested or the Land Registry will issue a requisition, this includes any deeds that are submitted with a single attestation that doesn’t clearly identify that it is for all of the signatures. Any deeds that were completed before this date won’t receive a requisition as even though the Land Registry advises that there haven’t been any changes in practice they are aware that it may appear...

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When it comes to our property boundaries and hedges, we all know someone who has been involved in a dispute with neighbours, and more often than not, this has cost them thousands. With surveyors’ and legal fees involved, cases regarding disputed hedges, driveways, party walls, overhanging branches and fences can often become a financial nightmare. But why? The dispute over boundaries can often be a bit of minefield, as the location of said boundaries can vary over a period of time. For example, wooden fences can often be put back in slightly different positions every time they’re replaced and diverted water courses can often cause confusion. But, spokesman for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), David Powell, suggests that...

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